30th January 2018


When it comes to personal finances, which sector of the population has the best deal? The government’s Work and Pension Committee has launched an inquiry into ‘intergenerational fairness’. A recent Social Market Foundation study provided evidence on the choices that older and younger people make as they balance their own future financial requirements with the needs of their families.




The report identified various groups; a ‘skipped middle’ group consisting of parents in their 50s. ‘In-betweeners’ consist of grandparents aged 60-70. The annual Intergenerational Index report reveals a 10% deterioration in the prospects of younger generations relative to older generations between 2010 and 2015 and highlights the decline in the affordability of housing for the under 30s. Exacerbated by a stagnation of incomes, the report concludes that the dream of a home of one’s own is now even further beyond the reach of many young people. Millennials often face repaying student debt and difficulties getting onto the housing ladder.

These findings highlight a variety of financial problems that confront families; if you face similar issues, a financial review could help you put plans in place for the benefit of both older and younger generations.

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