3rd July 2018

We have sought to address topical issues that are likely to be of interest to most readers. Included in this edition are:

  • One in ten Britons admit they are bad with money – how to buck the trend
    1. Keep it simple – tips on taking your first investment steps
  • Your ISA – lump sum or regular savings?
    1. Using your allowance early in the tax-year makes good sense
  • Average private school fees rise above £17,000 – how to save for your child
    1. It pays to plan early – taking a look at the options to consider
  • Pensions jargon – busted
    1. Don’t be deterred from retirement planning, here we demystify annuities and drawdown
  • Why you should avoid protection procrastination
    1. People put off buying life insurance for a variety of reasons – taking a look at why you should prioritise it
  • Are millennials saving enough for retirement?
    1. With millennials feeling the financial pressure – is pension saving being factored in?
  • Early retirement could disappear by 2035, so it’s time to planPower of attorney – record numbers entrusting
  1. Why the rise in popularity?
  2. Looking at some of the questions you need to ask yourself about the retirement you want


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AYP Newsletter July 2018

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