22nd March 2018

Whilst it’s tempting to put off thinking about the financial consequences of losing a partner or loved one, figures from the ABI show that in 2015, UK insurance companies paid out an average of £9.4 million each day to over 128,000 families as a result of claims on protection policies. Bereavement is a sad and difficult time for families and it can be made much worse if the surviving partner is left to cope with money worries.


Thinking about life insurance isn’t the most cheerful or uplifting subject but it could prove to be the lifeline a family needs. If your children, partner or relatives depend on your income, then it makes good sense to think about the protection and peace of mind that life insurance can give.


Those who don’t have life insurance often say they can’t afford the premiums. However, the cost of life insurance is not as expensive as many people seem to think. Life insurance premiums have come down in cost over the last few years and cover can start at just a few pounds a month.

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